WaveSurgeon has been given a best buy 'Computer Music' magazine AND earned a 93% rating / PLATINUM Award in Future Music - see the news page for more information

Square Circle are designers of WaveSurgeon, a breakbeat (drum loop) tool, designed to automate the process of editing samples. WaveSurgeon automatically detects segments and loop points within a sample, and will:

A picture of WaveSurgeon

Two versions of WaveSurgeon are now available - the Basic Registration, and the Advanced Registration. SMIDI and SCSI sampler support, as well as DirectX plugin capablility, are only present in the Advanced Registration; however, the Basic Registration is identical in all other respects. Future upgrades for the Advanced Registration include support for additional samplers, and new beat mangling features; however, upgrades to the Basic version are continually developed.

Uses for WaveSurgeon include:

New to version 2.7

WaveSurgeon features a full range of editing tools. These include the ability to add, move, disable / enable and lock / unlock points, and silence/ reverse segments. There is also full windows clipboard support, allowing the user to copy and paste segments around within the sample. Export of a sample via the clipboard to a dedicated sample editing program is also possible, allowing external processing before being pasted back into WaveSurgeon.

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